Bill Bohack missleading people

***********Bill Bohack has had a big negative impact with the life & business of a good friend. The daily dangle of a golden carrot, the promise of boats in Florida, big wealth & exotic holiday locations.
For 7 days a week he worked for Bohack, running his unethical marketing tactics like email spamming,, and millions of webspam articles. My friend is clever SEOs marketer and Bohack used him for mere bucks to market his BPclaims websites, with the big promise of wealth & fortune. My friend really really believed him, for 2 years he believed him!. It affected not only his business, but his physical and and more severely his mental health. Surely there is a law that protects people from individuals like Bill Bohack? Is this a scam? Or just a plan?
Nothing in this blog is malicious or illegal, it simply brings together Willaims online footprint and lets people make thier own assumption with this man. all sources have been linked too, and the quotes are from individuals that have worked with Bohack********

Bill Bohack character history – arrested 3 times

William Bohack was arrested for DUI three times in a row. The last time, he drove his car into someone of importance in Sarasota. Bill Bohack jailed and subsequently sent to court where he was sentenced to 6 months hard jail time. More information to each case can be found with the links below.

Full details here Willaim Bohack Arrest #1

Full details here Willaim Bohack Arrest #2

Full details here Willaim Bohack Arrest #3
After release from Jail Bill Bohack, created lawsuit websites mostly in pharmaceuticals, The websites claim to be claims professionals, but the lead is sold to the highest law firm bidder.While this is not illegal, surley it provides a character reference of the websites owner, and which later landed him in hot water with a fedral judge.

Bill Bohack here William Bohack there

Why would someone have so many websites all about themselves? Their all written by Bohack! Very odd,

Is this sign of someone trying hard not get recognised for the truth? Somthing to hide? worried people he has affected are going to talk about it online? They are within the law and thier rights to do so and it certainly is not extortion. Is there something to hide?

Leading USA federal Judge warns Bill Bohack of deception

Warned about deception Bill Bohack was issued a legal warning from one of Americas biggest U.S. District Court Judge Carl Barbier

A news source stated

“A federal judge presiding over a proposed class-action settlement of BP oil spill claims ordered a website operator Thursday to post disclaimers on two sites to avoid misleading visitors into believing they are filing official claims. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier said an existing disclaimer on the sites — — “does not cure the misleading nature of the site.”
“Rather, the statement that ‘we offer an independent service to maximize your claim’ leads a viewer to believe that the site may even be better than the official site, if he or she picks up the distinction,” Barbier said.


Barbier ordered William Bohack, who also operates, to post a “prominent banner” at the top of every page on both sites to make it clear they aren’t the court-authorized site. The site where residents can submit claims is”

Karma is a great thing

REFERENCES taken from the links below

Click to access Orders%5C07192012Order(MisleadingWebsites).pdf

Love them or hate them, lawyers are in many ways, a necessary part of life for countless individuals. The key to dealing successfully with lawyers is to take the time to educate yourself about what they can do for you and how you can make sure you get the services you desire. Keep reading for some terrific tips on doing just that.

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Keep a paper trail. Document all conversations and meetings with your lawyer. Take note of all questions asked, as well as their answers and record all arrangements and discussions of fees and charges. Lawyers are only human and make mistakes. Give yourself a layer of protection with excessive record keeping.

I want a big name lawyer! I want them to scare the judge! Just like in everyday life, wants are great, but needs are more important. You have to make a list of your needs and choose a lawyer based on that list, not all the wants you have in your heart.

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